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Stephanie Fulke’s honor’s degree Product Design project, Curious Garden, takes interaction between humans and nature to another level — curiosity within the context of gardens.

She did some research, which revealed that people where curious about the nests and animals in their garden but their curiosity never fully develop as they became invasive, disturbing and even disruptive.

From the designer:

Nature cameras are usually set up by wild life organisations and are viewed via TV or websites. These units contain a Video RF transmitter and receiver allowing you to observe British birds within your home, without domesticating or taming them, by a slightly more charming and tangible object. Taken from the inspiration of cuckoo clocks a beautiful pendulum will gracefully swing when the unit is on, making the unit more of an animated product.

This project is directed more towards exclusive users such as: the “Urban Nature Lover” and for users who’s curiosity is restricted due to mobility, illnesses or allergies. This concept enriches their lives by reconnecting them to nature.

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