A Customizable Modular Product that Becomes a Hanging Divider

12.31.15 | By
A Customizable Modular Product that Becomes a Hanging Divider

FilzFelt introduces Link, a clever way to add a partition between spaces that also helps with acoustics. The design is customizable and modular, adding both texture and color to a space while also helping to disguise what’s behind it.


The Los Angeles offices of Gensler are behind the design as they were looking for a way to add a statement to a conference room that was visible from the street, while also reducing the intensity of the red light that was transmitted into the room and to lessen sound reverb from the reflective surfaces.


The Gensler designers were inspired by the negative space that tree canopies have and sought a flexible, free form idea that led to the hexagon shape. The modules can have perforations that help soften the shape and allow light to pass through. The components are made of 100% wool felt which helps with sound can easily be CNC cut with intricate patterns.


A simple tab and slot method connects the modules together letting the design be customized to fit your space.


There are five transparency options ranging from 0 to 80% transparency in 63 color ways.









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