Dark Matter: A New Collection from Resident

Resident, a design house based in New Zealand, recently launched their latest exhibition, Dark Matter at Euroluce 2017. This bold and dramatic exhibition includes lighting and tables, where they also partnered with other designers.

Circus Lights consists of a system of interconnected rings, much like a circus contortionist’s rings, where each brass ring illuminates in a 360 degree plane.

Bloom Pendant is a lighting collection designed in partnership with Tim Rundle. Inspired by paper lanterns, each pendant has a mesh core and frosted blown glass, resulting in a warm ambient glow.

The Offset Coffee Table and the Offset Stool / Side Table by Philippe Malouin (also pictured with the Bloom Pendant above) features a block of solid oak in an unexpected, irregular shape. Each leg connects to the table with a threaded connector, meaning each leg has its own individualistic position.

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