Darren Booth’s Illustrated Graphics

Mural_Darren Booth

One of the most difficult things about design is how to define it. When is it design? When is it art? Can it be both?… I believe it can. When it solves some sort of problem—like how to display creativity on stairs—but also inspires, then I think it crosses the line from design into art.

The work of Darren Booth somehow balances that tight rope between graphic design and art, producing work that can be admired, studied, functional and inspiring.

Ally Hughes Cover_Darren Booth

His projects cover a range of genres, from book covers to installations. This cover above for Penguin Publishing Group features some of his signature hand lettering work.

Ampersand_Darren Booth

His iconic ampersand always seems to reveal something new every time I view it. You can also purchase screen prints over on his website.

Atomic Vantage_Darren Booth

The artwork on the skis above were done for Atomic and their women’s Vantage line. Booth has said he enjoys working with great art directors and being asked to create abstract images.

Work Life_Darren Booth

He completed this hand lettering project for Uppercase Gallery and he won the Best in Show by National Unisource Annual and Corporate Report Show.

We’ve also featured his website in our roundup of favorite Squarespace site designs… needless to say, we’re big fans!

Cori is a freelance Graphic Designer with a background in Interior Design, currently living in Los Angeles. She has paired her design and marketing knowledge to start a freelance career that combines both graphic design and interior design. When she's not working on an editorial layout, blog design, identity or illustration, she's contributing on design blogs or rambling on on her own.