A Day in the Life of Victoria Richter of Jaxon Home

In this edition of Designer Dailies, we tag along with Victoria Richter who wears a multitude of hats, including furniture designer, showroom and factory owner, wife, and mom to three children. The San Francisco-born and bred Richter met and married well-known furniture designer Braden Richter and the two eventually found their way to the City of Angels where they opened Jaxon Home in 2006. After more than 15 years in the business, this family finds a way to get it all done. Take a look at how Victoria spends a day covering every corner of Los Angeles and making it happen along the way.


We start off with coffee and welcome Grandpa in to help watch the kids. Roman and Ryland aren’t feeling well today, we were away in San Francisco for the coldest weekend of the year. Both kids came back to an abnormally chilly LA with a cold. Ryland is staying home from school and Roman was battling his asthma all night long last night.


This morning is particularly hectic since we arrived home to find that Braden got us a brand new puppy.

Meet Honey.


Ryland is quickly obsessed with him, and so I have to take BOTH of them on my morning run with me, even though she should stay in the warm house. She put up enough of a fight that I caved!


Roman could hardly stand to be left behind, so he waits for us in the window.


We say our goodbyes and I leave the kids with Grandpa Bill. I have two shifts of childcare lined up – no Nanny wants to work the long hour days that Braden (both my business partner and my husband) and I work.


If I don’t find the chance to feed myself at home, breakfast is almost always a stop in to my favorite local market. I’ll eat in the car.

This morning I need to swing by one of the projects that we are working on to take some measurements.


Isn’t this spot on the beach insane!? I like to take a moment here to think about how thankful I am that this is work…. I only soak it in for a quick moment, and it’s back onto the PCH where I’m headed up into the hills of Malibu to the client’s primary residence.


Initially seeking sign off on just one piece, we get into full brainstorm mode over a dining table that Jaxon is designing. We even get into some sketches and measurements.



Next, we head over to a recent construction site and talk about his progress. The space is being built under the pool deck, and shares a wall with the pool. It’s an incredible space. We will be planning out custom furniture soon enough.


As we head back to the house, we pause to go over the plans for the living area around the pool as well.


And we pause to enjoy another, even more insane lovely view!


Before I know it the morning is GONE, and I’m running behind. It will have to be another meal on the go.


I head all the way across the city to downtown LA where the Jaxon Factory is located, and I check in with Julio on our case good designs. Julio is an incredible carpenter and has turned out some incredible work for the Beach House project. At this point things are really starting to come together, and I’m so excited to snap a few pics of the work and send it over to our client.


I check in on another custom piece, the seat cushion work is well under way.



After checking in at the Factory, I’m finally on my way back to the store where I’ll wrap up my day with the design team.

Caroline Williamson is Editorial Director of Design Milk. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and can usually be found searching for vintage wares, doing New York Times crossword puzzles in pen, or reworking playlists on Spotify.