The Shade Store

A long time ago, I was watching This Old House (one of my all-time favorite shows!) and they went to The Shade Store in NYC and watched how the factory made a product from start to finish. I had a lovely chat with The Shade Store who agreed that it would be a great idea to re-create that segment for the web in a Deconstruction post.

The Shade Store’s Roller Shades are hand-crafted in our New York workrooms. Here, we take you through the process of constructing a Roller Shade.

Here our Paisley Black material is being laid out and readied for squaring.

Material is cut to exact dimensions.

The bottom pocket is created and heat sealed in order to hold the weighted hem bar which will allows the shade to properly hang.

As the shade is tailored, the bottom pocket is seamed for a perfect fit.

Metal tubing is cut to accommodate material. This tube acts as the roller.

Material is centered and applied to the roller while the bottom weight bar is inserted into pocket and secured.

The completed roller shade is now hung and tested to ensure that it is functional and operates properly.

Cords and safety tags are separately affixed to product in pre-packaging for safe delivery.

Product is pre-packaged for safe delivery.

…And finished in bubble wrap for boxed shipping.

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