Design Brand Fin Keeps It Simple with Original Furniture and Accessories

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Design Brand Fin Keeps It Simple with Original Furniture and Accessories

“Keep it simple, stupid” is a mantra all designers have heard and these days, it’s what we want: simple design that can attest to quality, form, and functionality. Dedicated to a time when simple was the standard, Darin Montgomery created Fin, an American design brand based in Seattle, Washington. Fin is the residential offshoot of urbancase, Darin’s contract, hospitality, and custom furniture design and manufacturing company. Earlier this year at ICFF, Darin debuted an entirely new collection for Fin featuring original furniture and accessories that focus on highlighting the woods and clean lines rather than adding unnecessary bells and whistles that detract from the simplicity of the objects.

BB1 Bread Boards

CC1 and CC2 Cafe Chairs

CH1 Coat Hooks

CH2 Coat Hooks

CT1 Coffee Table

Dash Floating Shelf

Dash Thinline Floating Shelf

WM1 Wall Mirror

Tea Light Holder No. 1

Tea Light Holder No. 2

Candle Holder

Serving Tray

ST1 Side Table

KT1 Cafe Table

All of these products are available in domestic walnut, ash, and European beech wood and are finished with biocide- and preservative-free oil/wax. To shop the collection, visit

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