WantedDesign 2014 Student Workshop: The Future of Paper

WantedDesign has announced the fourth edition of its international design exhibit during New York City’s NYCxDESIGN Week from May 16th-19th 2014. Design Milk is pleased to be partnering with WantedDesign this year to support the School Workshop challenge.

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WantedDesign 2014 Student Workshop: The Future of Paper

“The birth of paper originates from a need to write, illustrate, and document; it is the medium on which marks are made. But when creative attention is turned to the material itself, the medium becomes the object and the true personality of paper emerges.” —Paper: Tear Fold Rip Crease Cut.

This year, leading the workshop is Art Center College of Design’s Associate Professors of Environmental Design, Penny Herscovitch & Dan Gottlieb.

The challenge is designed for students to re-envision the expressive qualities of paper in the context of ubiquitous computing, much as painting was reinvented after the camera was popularized. There is a revolution in the exploration of paper, from building components, to 3D paperprinting, to computational origami, to innovative and renewable materials. Designers have the unique role and responsibility to harness paper’s inherent qualities of tactility, dimensionality, and physicality. This workshop challenges student teams to create a variety of new applications for paper as a creative vehicle rather than as a passive receptor (something on which to write or print). With this aim, paper will be explored far beyond the limits of the print medium to newly harness its inherent elegance, dimensionality, and emotionality. International student teams will collaborate to explore paper as a material for expression in the design of lighting, furniture, home goods, wearables and spatial environments. Fresh new designs will emerge from research into: the history of paper as a carrier of culture and tradition (ornamentation, lanterns, and festivals); the intersection of analog and digital; and sustainability through opportunities to reduce carbon footprint and re-/up-cycle. All participating international design schools soon.

We couldn’t be more excited to help support the design students and their paper designs—we can’t wait to see what they come up with!

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