Design Organizations for a Better World

There are many designers and design organizations out there committed to using the industry to improve the world — to address the needs people experience every day. The organizations below want to design for a better world, and they want to give people the resources and support they need to do that, too.


Designmatters, part of ArtCenter College of Design, focuses on providing a dynamic, entrepreneurial and experiential approach to design education. It uses research, action and advocacy to empower designers to use design as a positive social force.

Design Ignites Change

Design Ignites Change supports professional and student designers, architects and artists who want to improve communities and people’s lives. It does this through awards, scholarships, sponsorships, mentoring and workshops.

The Index Project

The Index Project is about positioning design so that it addresses the needs in our society and improves people’s quality of life. Its Index Award upholds the ideas of innovative design while valuing diversity and hope.

The non-profit organization is committed to solving challenges in poverty and supporting human-centered design that focuses on the needs of people. It deals with areas in health, financial services, gender equity, water and sanitation.

Design for America

Design for America (DFA) is a national student network for campus studios that are using design to make a positive difference and tackle social changes. It uses tools and coaching to encourage and support students in innovation and building community.

Project M

Project M wants to create positive change and challenge the idea of doing things the same way they’ve always been done. This project is for people who want to contribute to the greater good and want a place to collaborate and generate ideas bigger than one person.

Dani Howell has an MA in literary and textual studies and enjoys writing about everything from coffee to pop culture.