Design YxR’s Drift Diffuses Scent Like a Turntable

07.15.15 | By
Design YxR’s Drift Diffuses Scent Like a Turntable

Turntables, playground merry-go-rounds, and even our own planet in rotation are examples of the outward inertial presence of centrifugal force in action. But no knowledge of physics is required to appreciate the idea behind Design YxR’s Drift scent diffuser, a small tabletop device which gently perfumes the air with a floating rotating plate which looks like a midcentury drum cymbal meets turntable.


The inspiration behind Drift was the same technology which makes super-fast trains a possibility: maglev technology. The Drift’s plate seemingly defies gravitational forces, floating and spinning effortlessly while diffusing a subtle aroma without any disturbing noise nor requiring any power, a sculptural presence which beats any air perfuming device we’ve seen yet.



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