A Day in the Life of Blu Dot

December’s Designer Dailies focuses on a well-known favorite, contemporary furniture design company, Blu Dot. Its founders, John Christakos, Maurice Blanks, and Charles Lazor (who has since left), were college buddies who all appreciated architecture, art, and design, and all of whom were less than thrilled with the furnishings they could afford once they graduated. Rather than simply complaining, in 1997 they formed Blu Dot, with the goal of bringing good design to as many people as possible. Here’s a slice of how they get that accomplished.

Maurice Blanks, Blu Dot co-founder, asks “What’s next?”

Maurice and co-founder, John Christakos, in a morning meeting. The topic veers to lunch. “We could do Chipotle, or Punch Pizza. What do you feel like?”

John and Maurice adjust the silhouette of a dining chair prototype.

Masking tape is so useful.

And so is cardboard.

John’s chin doesn’t look that big in real life. Maurice talks color.

Do not weld in white pants after Labor Day.

That’s a fence for John’s yard. We are pretending to talk about a detail because Design Milk asked us to take some pictures.

Maurice and Peter the prototyper.

Checking dims on a 3D model.

Maurice used to be a hairstylist before starting Blu Dot.

Checking out construction details on a chair prototype.

A prop from one of the Blu Dot catalogue shoots finds a new home outside of John’s office.

Discussing heavy shit in John’s office.

Medora joins in.

That’s a picture of John’s first wife Debby in the background.

Notice how much cleaner Maurice’s desk is?

The front of the studio with the late afternoon sun. The Honda Dream was a Swap Meet grab.

Marni Elyse Katz is a Contributing Editor at Design Milk. She lives in Boston where she contributes regularly to local publications and writes her own interior design blog, StyleCarrot.