Happy 2018! Desktop Wallpaper: January 2018

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Happy 2018! Desktop Wallpaper: January 2018

In 2017 we decided to focus our Designer Desktop series on wallpaper, textile and pattern brands for a whole year. This year we decided that a year was just too short so we’re continuing the theme for 2018! Artist Aimée Wilder is kicking off the new year with her Jungle Dream from her Phantasmagoria collection, a pattern inspired by the nocturnal jungle-scape. We thought it was a perfectly fitting reminder to start the new year with an adventurous spirit.

Aimée also just recently debuted her Bun Voyage collection during December’s Art Basel week. The collection illustrates flora, fauna and the adventures taken from a bunny’s perspective. It’s a whimsical, playful collection that was inspired by Aimée’s trips to the Scottish Highlands.

Top left: Herbario Sprout, Top right: Mystic Lagoon Summer, bottom left: Mystic Lagoon Algae, bottom right: Mushroom City Chalk

Download Jungle Dream for your tech devices below!

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