Desktop Wallpaper: January 2020

Happy new year, everyone! This year is going to be a good one, we can feel it. To start things off on the right foot with our Designer Desktop column, especially after the holiday craze, we’re bringing some zen into your life with this tranquil Escape wallpaper designed by Calico Wallpaper in collaboration with artist and sculptor Fernando Mastrangelo. Available in six color ways, the collection features an illustration of the glacial movements that shape landscapes. Paired with a fitting quote by Georgia O’Keefe, these wallpapers are truly lovely to see when you open up your laptop or pick up your phone.

DESKTOP:  1024×768 \\\ 1280×1024 \\\ 1680×1050 \\\ 1900×1200 \\\ 2560×1440 \\\ iMac 27″ \\\ iMac 21.5

MOBILE: iPhone XS \\\ iPhone XS Max \\\ iPad Pro

Learn more about Calico Wallpaper here.

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