Desktop Wallpaper: June 2024 With Jackie Tahara

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Desktop Wallpaper: June 2024 With Jackie Tahara

This month marks the official beginning of summer (it’s weeks away on June 20th!) so to help welcome the year’s hottest season, we’re cooling off with an ocean-inspired Designer Desktop by Jackie Tahara, founder of UnBlink Studio. The designer is known for her vibrant, vintage aesthetic and whimsical artistic style that often features bold colors, intricate patterns, and playful themes. Inspired by nature, she frequently incorporates elements such as flowers, leaves, and animals, as well as influences from various cultures she has experienced in her travels.

For this month’s downloadable desktops (grab them below!), Tahara leans into her Japanese heritage with this fun yet mysterious illustration depicting the Akkorokamui, a giant octopus-like sea monster reminiscent of the Nordic Kraken. The Akkorokamui lurks off the coast of Hokkaido, striking fear in local fishermen. In this scene, it eyes a lone fishing boat with the Japanese sun rising in the background.

Download the wallpapers for free with the links below for all your tech devices today!

DESKTOP: 1024×768 \ 1280×1024 \ 1680×1050 \ 1900×1200 \ 2560×1440

MOBILE: iPhone XS \ iPhone XS MaxiPad Pro

Check out some of Tahara’s other work:

Illustration of two red lobsters surrounded by lemon slices, corn, carrots, and green beans, set on a blue checkered background

Illustration of a patterned background featuring various Japanese cuisine elements such as tempura shrimp, boiled eggs, mushrooms, and vegetables

A floral pattern featuring large orange and yellow flowers with green leaves and intertwined branches, set against a dark blue background with small blue flowers

A repeating pattern of green dahlia-like flowers with stems on a beige background

A modern room features a dark wall adorned with a mural of five colorful, elongated fish. In front, there's a console table with a vase of flowers on the right and a bench with baskets underneath

A vibrant pattern featuring pink and orange flowers with green stems against a bright blue background

Patterned illustration of variously cut orange slices on a light blue background

Learn more about Jackie Tahara here and follow her on Instagram here.

View and download past Designer Desktops here.

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