Desktop Wallpaper: May 2017

This month’s wallpaper is short and simple but plenty meaningful, especially if you’re a creative or a maker. For this year’s Designer Desktop series, we’ve been featuring an ongoing theme of wallpaper, textile, and pattern brands and so our friends at Flat Vernacular paired their studio’s motto with one of their newer designs, an intricately layered patterned “To and Fro.” The cool thing about this design is that there’s no specific “match” to the pattern, so you can really get abstract with how you decide to hang the wallpaper (as shown in this room!).

As for the motto (which we have happily adopted as our new mantra as well), Payton Turner of Flat Vernacular said it beautifully:

It’s up to you which interpretation you choose! We choose to take it literally. Make something every single day. Flat Vernacular holds true to its original mission statement through Making Everyday. To find and really hone in on a beautiful balance between art and design, we think you’ve got to explore through process. Create as many rounds of a design as you possibly can. The more avenues you explore in your studio practice, the more messes you make, the more likely you are to create a really singular piece of work that can stand up both conceptually speaking and design wise.

Click on the size below to download:

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MOBILE: iPhone 6 \\\ iPhone 6 Plus \\\ iPad

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