Desktop Wallpaper: October 2023 With Annabel Inganni of Wolfum

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Desktop Wallpaper: October 2023 With Annabel Inganni of Wolfum

We hope you’re ready to change up your desktop for the month because October’s Designer Desktop falls perfectly in line (pun intended) with the colors of fall. The pattern is designed by Annabel Inganni, Founder and Creative Director of Wolfum, a textile studio creating tabletop and home goods. From rugs and wallpaper to coasters and board games, Wolfum is known for its mesmerizing patterns that will make even the most die-hard minimalists have a change of heart.

This particular design chosen for Designer Desktop is “Adam,” named after Inganni’s dear high school friend. She explains:

We attended boarding school in Western MA in the ’90s, so this print is reminiscent of the cool urban/hippie vibe that the Berkshires (and our progressive school in particular) capsulated so perfectly in that era. A mixture of Baja inspired, earthy colors and linear structure that was embraced by us “city kids” out in the wild. I love the saturated, autumnal pallet that is at once structured and freeform. It is textured, vibrant, and cool.

Download this month’s Designer Desktop at the bottom!

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Annabel Inganni in her studio

Download the desktop with the links below!

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