Desktop Wallpaper: September 2015

Graphic designer and painter Erin Cooper of CooperHouse follows Mitch Goldstein on Twitter and she says: “he never fails to make me laugh (or maybe cry a little…) with his quotes about design and art, such as this one: ‘Breaking: Everything is an art supply.'”

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Desktop Wallpaper: September 2015

This quote in particular stuck with me the other day and it’s just so true. When you consider that design and art are ways to communicate, then you also must realize that only extending your message through the usual tools and methods, you’re limiting yourself and what you can accomplish. If you stop yourself from doing something because you don’t have the right brush or exact thing you think you need, then you’ve missed an opportunity to create something unique. If everything is an art supply, then the creativity is limitless.

This abstract painting that accompanies the quote, “Autumnus”, was created with brushes & fingers dipped in watercolor, ink, and pencil.

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