Discover Milan’s Isola Design District Virtually with Isola Goes Digital

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Discover Milan’s Isola Design District Virtually with Isola Goes Digital

Despite Milan Design Week 2020 being cancelled this year, Isola Design District is moving forward with creativity and innovative thinking to bring you a digitization of their event. In an effort to highlight new designers, experimental projects, and small craft productions, Isola Goes Digital goes live from June 16-21, 2020 with a dynamic program of live streaming events.

On their website, there will be four new sections to support the program. The Isola Design Community section is where you can find profiles of designers and design studios, who will be able to showcase their projects, share photos and videos, and even communicate with fans through a direct messaging tool. This will be an invaluable tool to virtually meet future clients, buyers, and partners.

The Isola Design Magazine is an evolved version of the previous Isola Design District blog and will contain the latest news from the district and the world of design in general. Media partners and designers will also contribute various topics such as innovation, circular economy, and emerging trends.

The Isola Design District will be a fun, interactive graphic interface that will guide users through a digital version of the Isola neighborhood in Milan. Here, you can explore virtual reality exhibitions, live streaming events and webinars, design e-stores, a DIY restaurant, and more. You can learn more about the featured designers and even buy their pieces online.

Finally, the Isola Virtual Locations allows you to explore virtual headquarters of different designers, brands, and companies, as well as learn more about their exhibitions and installations in 3D.

We’re excited to see Isola Goes Digital go live and can’t wait to explore the digital neighborhood of Isola and discover new designers who are presenting new ideas of design, creativity, and sustainability. For a sneak peek, below are some of the designers in this year’s digital show. For more information, be sure to visit from June 16-21!

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