Discover Which Monogram Appliance Collection Caters to Your Palate

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Discover Which Monogram Appliance Collection Caters to Your Palate

Al dente, au gratin, au jus. Boil, blanche, and braise. As discerning consumers have become more nuanced in the culinary arts, so too have appliance brands in response to the growing needs and interests of their customer base. But to create something with staying power, in a category where technology and aesthetics tend to spoil long before the product itself, requires a fresh lens with which to examine the problem. In a nod to automobile design and home furnishings, luxury appliance brand Monogram approached their three new collections – Minimalist, Statement, and Designer – as if creating heirloom pieces that promise style over trend, utility over novelty, and longevity over expendability. Inquiring minds can explore the custom collection quiz below and take a deep dive into the personas baked into each style.

Modern kitchen interior with wooden cabinetry and built-in appliances.

Minimalist Collection, Design: Richard T. Anuszkiewicz

Bold but not bland, the Minimalist Collection demonstrates that trimming the proverbial fat does not necessarily mean losing out on flavor. Made for the most contemporary of kitchens, simple elegance is married with professional-grade performance. Precisely machined metals and expansive glass are only part of what streamlines this offering. Interactive LCD screens and push-to-open doors rid the appliances of what might distract from clean lines and uninterrupted planes in otherwise smooth kitchen surfaces and cabinetry. Much like selecting the appropriate dishware for plating, the Minimalist Collection provides the ideal backdrop for showcasing the rich colors, textures, and patterns found in modern cuisine. Blending in helps this collection stand out for those who want to cook unencumbered.

Modern kitchen interior with natural light, featuring white cabinetry, a Monogram wine fridge, and high-end appliances.

Statement Collection, Design: Richard T. Anuszkiewicz

A modern kitchen featuring brass and stainless steel appliances, marble backsplash, and patterned tile flooring.

Statement Collection, Design: Gail Davis \\\ Photo: Mike Van Tassell

In contrast, the Statement Collection speaks to those who want to settle into the heart of their home and enjoy the warmth of classic, grounding aesthetics. This set contemporizes a traditional style with updated kitchen appliance features that are far from ordinary. Restaurant-inspired features encourage culinary adventures from the comfort of one’s home. Edge-to-edge handles and knobs with robust feedback celebrate the rituals of cooking while feeling fully integrated into each unit. Stainless steel gleams, further accentuated by solid brass accents, wide glass windows, and rich interactive LCD displays. “The brass hardware adds a touch of glamor and complements the dials on the range perfectly,” says interior designer Christopher Kennedy. “I love the beauty of the Monogram appliances, of course – but their incredible performance has really rekindled my love of cooking.”

Modern kitchen interior with wooden cabinetry and Monogram stainless steel appliances.

Brass Designer Collection

Those hungry for even more enticement – and industry-disrupting features – can enjoy the richness of Monogram’s Designer Collection, which is further distilled into two options: Brass and Titanium. In terms of engineering, these two pairings showcase an industry debut of the first-ever custom 96-inch-high refrigeration panels, which stretch from floor-to-ceiling, as well as custom hoods and handles that allow consumers to personalize their appliances – and kitchens – even further. Much like accessorizing an outfit with statement pieces, these designs become fine jewelry for the kitchen. Each object is highly tailored through a refinement in style, proportion, and color. Both collections feature striking finishes in dialogue with one another and hardware fashioned with sustainably sourced, Greenguard Gold Certified durable leather.

Modern kitchen with wooden cabinets, a central island, brass accents, and a mountain view through large windows, featuring elegant details.

Brass Designer Collection, Design: Richard T. Anuszkiewicz

Modern kitchen interior with brass accents, appliances, and mountain view.

Brass Designer Collection, Design: Richard T. Anuszkiewicz \\\ Photo: Jamie Padgett

The Designer Collections are a study in beauty, balance, and duality, further realized for a variety of tastes. And their expansive scale serves to amplify each composition’s dramatic effects. The Brass Designer Collection leans into classical aesthetic elements for a look that is timeless, bold, and globally informed. Gold-polished hues add a bit of gilded elegance to objects often only celebrated for their utility. These appliances are expressive, extroverted components in a luxury kitchen design. The Titanium Designer Collection, however, trades bright for brooding, making its statement in the dark. A contemporary luxury aesthetic rooted in the art of reductionism, sleek lines, and dark charcoal muted tones says so much through the quiet.

Modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances, a central island, and pendant lights.

Titanium Designer Collection \\\ Photo: Jamie Padgett

Modern kitchen with dark wood floors, stainless steel appliances, pendant lighting.

Titanium Designer Collection \\\ Photo: Jamie Padgett

From cooktops to consoles and dramatic door columns to panel-ready appliances, Monogram creates a portfolio of products that appeal to even the pickiest of consumers – and designer – palates.

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