DittoHouse’s Courageous Woman Collection Will Make Your Home and the World a Better Place

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DittoHouse’s Courageous Woman Collection Will Make Your Home and the World a Better Place
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Last month we shared our August Designer Desktop featuring a sneak peek of DittoHouse’s new collection, the Courageous Woman. The line of textiles inspired by “the bold and brave women who are making our world a better place” has since been fully realized and will be launching on September 18th.

The Courageous Woman collection includes four pairs of acrylic + stainless steel statement earrings, three throw blankets, three pillow covers, and two tea towels.

The line is fun and punchy in color but textile artist and designer Molly Fitzpatrick hopes the line will serve as a reminder of one’s strength, resilience, and courage to be brave in moments when it’s hard to be all those things.

Molly explains:

I have two children of my own that are bright and compassionate. They deserve to live in a world that reflects their light. A world where my daughter is valued and respected and my son has examples of kind and good men who can be allies to the strong women who lead the way.

It is difficult to continue with ‘business as usual’ from my place of privilege when so many are struggling for basic rights, clean water, the ability to safely exist in their own skin. After much reflecting and reading the words of my hero, and my daughter’s namesake, Malala Yousafzai, I felt compelled to use my voice and my textiles to speak up for what is right.

Courageous Woman Earrings

Bold Flower Earrings

I Can Do Anything Earrings

Listen To Me Earrings

Lala Throw Blanket

Courageous Woman Throw Blanket

Brave and Lovely Throw Blanket

Hopeful Pillow Cover

Determined Pillow Cover

Courageous Woman Pillow Cover

Courageous Woman Tea Towel

Brave and Lovely Tea Towel

By adding a piece of the collection to your own home, you’ll also help make this world a better place. From September 18-25th, 2018, 25% of the profits from sales of DittoHouse’s Courageous Woman collection will be donated to the Malala Fund to support Malala’s mission to empower young girls through education. All profits from the Bold and Lovely tea towel will go directly to the fund.

Sign up for the waitlist to be notified when the collection is released here.

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