Diwan Updates the Traditional Divan + More

PerezOchando studio has taken the idea of the traditional divan and updated it – along with a chaise lounge, modular benches, and an armchair – in the Diwan range for Sancal. Part of the Museo collection, Diwan borrows its name from the word “diwan”, which eventually made its way to Europe as “divan”, meaning the ambassador room or where the guests of royalty are entertained and can comfortable recline.

The divan design that Claudia Pérez and Pedro Ochando created takes every element down to the bare minimum, turning what’s historically been a hefty piece of furniture into one that has an airiness about it. The cushions add to the supported comfort of the seats, while the cylindrical roll cushions add a special element. Meanwhile, the chair benches can be used alone or joined end-to-end for a longer seating arrangement. Whether it’s used in a bedroom or public space, the Diwan collection offers up contemporary luxury seating you’ll love.

Claudia Pérez and Pedro Ochando of PerezOchando

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