DIY Dog Charms
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A couple of years back, I knitted a scarf for Miles and every member of my parent’s chihuahua army. I loved watching them walk around and receive lots of compliments and “awwws” for wearing something I had made with my own two hands. I was instantly reminded of my DIY doggie days when I spotted these fun Stitchable Dog Charm Kits from AMH Design.

The clever folks at AMH Design have created this kitsch and cool needlepoint project to accessorize your dog’s collar in a very unique and personal way. For $15 and about an hour of your time, you can easily create your own needlepoint charm with your dog’s initial. Each kit comes complete with everything you need for this simple undertaking.

Stitchable Dog Charm Kits are a great way for those of us with very little time on our hands to make something special for our furry friends. Trust me, as soon as you start to hear those “ooohs” and “awwws” at the dog park, you’re going to love saying, “I made that!”