Dog Dish Table by Ethan A. Mason
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I received an email the other day with the subject line “Dog Dish Table” and, of course, my imagination kicked into overdrive. “Is it a tiny dog-sized dining table? Is it something you add to your existing (human) table? What does it all MEAN?!” I had to open it before getting too carried away and inside I discovered this concrete and plywood raised feeder from Denver-based industrial design student Ethan A. Mason.

Dog Dish Table by Ethan A. Mason

The concept for the Dog Dish Table, he explains, came from a desire to “no longer step in or around Jayce’s bowls as they start floating around the dining room floor”. Dude. Been there. Let’s say there were a few stubbed toes and near-twisted ankles.

The Dog Dish Table can be easily assembled and requires no tools. While designed for a medium to large sized dog, smaller sizes are also available. Made of a gray precast concrete and CNC-machined MDF board, the table and legs are perfectly secured with aluminum channels. And, bonus, it can be used indoors or out!

For purchasing inquiries, contact Ethan directly.

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