Introducing: Dog Milk’s Cover Canines
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Dog Milk's Cover Canines

If you “like” Dog Milk on Facebook, chances are you’ve seen our cover photo. It’s… how do we say this? Kinda boring. And that’s where you come in, dear readers. We know you have cute dogs just begging for their time to shine (and also for a piece of bacon, let’s be honest) — and we want to see them. So, we’re introducing Dog Milk’s Cover Canines! What’s that, you ask? Read on!

Starting in September, one lucky dog will take home the (highly desirable) monthly Cover Canine spot on our Facebook page, where their gorgeous mug will be adored by thousands of crazy dog people. Awesome, right?? Here’s how your dog can become a Cover Canine:

During the monthly call for submissions:

  • submit (1) one photo sized at least 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall
  • photo should be of decent quality; if it’s too dark or fuzzy, we won’t be able to use it. Sorry!
  • include your dog’s name, age, and breed

And that’s it!

We’re pretty excited about this and hope you are, too! As I mentioned before, our first Cover Canine will be announced and featured on our Facebook page in September. For this first month, we’d love to see your dog’s best smile! Submissions can be sent to info [at] with the subject “Cover Canine” starting now through August 20th.

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