Dominic Wilcox’s Giant ScotchBlue Tape Flower Sculpture

08.07.12 | By
Dominic Wilcox’s Giant ScotchBlue Tape Flower Sculpture

Dominic Wilcox is always up for a fun project. He recently challenged a 3D printing robot to a duel (and won!). He also challenged himself to a 30-day speed creating project. Each day, he made something new like a beach ball chair and onion ring textiles. So clever!

If you remember last month, Dino Sanchez made those cool lamps using ScotchBlue painter’s tape so I also sent Dominic a big box of tape to see what he could come up with. He went in a more artistic direction. Check out what Dominic created in his own words:

I started by tearing off small bits of tape and sticking them to the inside of the tape itself.

As I added more tape I was unsure what sort of shape the tape would form into. I always enjoy making things that I can’t quite predict the outcome of.

The tape shape started to curve outwards. I had no way of controlling the form, it just started to go that way naturally as I added more tape.

The larger the tape shape grew the more it started to spread out. It reminded me of the way a flower grows, the growing shape seems to be predetermined from the tape “seed” – I was just revealing the shape.

I held it up to the light to see the translucent patterns of the overlapping tape.

I used the remaining tape to attach it to the window.

I try not to think about what else it could become too early as it tends to close down future developments. I have ideas and experiments ahead.

We can’t wait to see what Dominic comes up with next based on this experiment! It’s beautiful how the shape organically grew into a giant tape flower! I wonder what would happen if he had kept going and going…

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