Furniture Inspired by Line Drawings by Jin il Park

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Furniture Inspired by Line Drawings by Jin il Park

Seoul, Korea-based furniture designer and artist brought both of his interests together for a collection of experimental furniture for his Drawing Series exhibition. With a deep love and interest for working with metal, Jin il Park chose steel to craft abstract armchairs, lamps, and a table from his inspiring drawings.



The idea was to create simple, yet dynamic furniture out of a series of drawings. The project actually happened on accident. “I was thinking of making a new project by comfortably drawing lines and I found and realized fun and inquiring moments about the strokes that I drew on a paper. I personally thought that the outcome of those strokes can bring very interesting object,” says Park.


Like any piece of art, Park sought to express complex emotions, but this time into artistic furniture pieces. To achieve the desired effect the designer hammered different sized wires, then welded them to materialize stunning 3D figures from simple 2D drawings.

JinilPark_DrawingSeries_5 JinilPark_DrawingSeries_6

Installation courtesy of Jin il Park.

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