Dune by Rainer Mutsch
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During Vienna Design Week, Rainer Mutsch showed a preview of a new outdoor furniture system for the traditional Austrian manufacturer Eternit called Dune. Dune is a modular furniture system consisting of five combinable modules: each one of them is molded out of an whole fiber cement-panel. Fiber cement is a 100% natural and fully recyclable material for full time outdoor usage.

From the designer:

With Dune I wanted to tell a story about the materials capabilities, the history of the company and the hand formed production method.

The shape of all 5 Dune elements now allows the user to move freely on the objects and to choose an individual seating position according to his or her individual taste. This flexibility guarantees at the one hand maximum comfort for the individual and on the other hand facilitates communication when the elements are arranged in a group. Since Dune has been designed as highly modular and indefinitely expandable system, it fits all spatial situations.

The possibility of the integration of plants offers an additional possibility to create shadow and to further customize the space.

Dune will officially launch on the international market in spring 2011.

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