DUST: A Multi-Sensory Concept Label & Boutique

With only a minimal website and one launch party, DUST is a mysterious new space that recently opened in Melbourne. Part fashion store, part tea shop, part music store, and all sleek design, DUST is a “multi-sensory concept label” that’s a carefully constructed retail experience.


Designed by SIBLING, the DUST space is all minimalist metal and glass. It has animated LED screens, black on black textures, and mirrored reflections that complement the brand experience.



Clothing racks line up the interior, mostly consisting of black and white t-shirts. The pre-collection, designed by Adam Wood, comes blank or with a graphic print inspired by the internet.


National and international designers were tapped to help create a wide range of graphic patterns. There’s even an in-store print studio that will print the piece you want in your size if it’s not on the rack.


The Japanese tea collection, records, and more will be coming this year.





Photographs by Peter Bennetts, Visualisations by Squint Opera.

After surviving a quarter life crisis, Nanette went from working in healthcare canadian meds to pursuing her loves of design, food and writing. During the day she works in social media marketing, by night she writes for Design Milk. You can find more of her work at