Dynamic Branding with Jade Purple Brown

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Dynamic Branding with Jade Purple Brown

How many of you in the broad realm that is the creative world have begun a course of study or career in one field only to find yourself taking another path? (We’re raising a few hands over here!) Maybe you’re using your original skill set in new and unusual ways or perhaps branching out to conquer new passions and endeavors. Someone who can relate is Jade Purple Brown, a graphic designer, illustrator, and art director based in New York who specializes in brand image and graphic design for fashion, music, and art-based brands. Jade relies on the website building platform Squarespace to help her site viewers experience the world of bold blocks of color, strong female figures, and dynamic art she creates to encourage herself—and others—to be more optimistic and free. It’s a style she’s known and respected for, as well as one that’s come to be attached to her name.

But that’s not how it all began for Jade. A love of art and design can take you and your career many places, but how do you get where you’re going and at what point do you realize in which direction your talents will shine brightest? For the answers to that, let’s go back to the start.

Jade shares that she started out in fashion marketing and management: “I originally wanted to pursue a career in styling. While I was in the program, they taught us the basics of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to create marketing materials, and I quickly fell in love. I started spending my personal time watching online tutorials in order to soak up more knowledge and experiment within the programs even more. With tons of practice and heavy research, I slowly started to realize that my love for art and design could translate into a real career.”

Jade’s passion for designing led her into the world of branding and toward developing her bright, bold signature style. The next step was, of course, connecting with individuals and brands that shared her aesthetic.

“I love creating designs and illustrations for brands that share a similar vision and purpose. It’s the best feeling when brands specifically come to me for my personal style and push me to pump out my very best work,” Jade says.

Every career has its own highs and lows, memorable moments as well as the ones you’d rather forget. However, sometimes, your most challenging projects can be the most rewarding. One that stands out for Jade is her very first branding project:

“My first project was for a well-known beauty brand. I was hired to put my personal spin on an upcoming product launch by creating promotional artwork. The project included creating a catalog/lookbook to be sent out to influencers and imagery to be showcased on their social media platforms and in their NYC office. Because of the tight deadline, there were a lot of late nights pulling everything together, but the project turned out beautifully and I ended up learning a lot.”

So where does all of the inspiration for those big blocks of color and fierce feminine leads come from? Where does Jade go to when she’s looking for something that will push her art direction, design, and illustration from good to great?

“I love collecting 70’s interior design books for inspiration. The over-the-top colorful palettes, quirky motifs, and the overall carefree attitude of the 70s excites me, and those are elements that I like to bring into my work. I also love people watching the New York city streets. The mix of different personalities and styles easily translate to my illustration work, inspiring me to create characters that are bold and unique.”

Much of Jade Purple Brown’s branding work is focused in the fields of fashion, music, and art, so it’s only natural that the work being created would be influenced by the work it’s being created for.

She agrees saying, “Fashion and music have always been big influences on my work. I love keeping up to date with the newest collections and figuring out how I can integrate the different color palettes, shapes, and silhouettes I see on the runway into my own personal work. Music is a big driving factor in my art because it has the ability to push me forward as I work through the toughest of projects. It also keeps me inspired to keep things upbeat and create work that makes me feel good, just as the music does.”

The name of your brand is often the first impression you make, and with the unique moniker of Jade Purple Brown we couldn’t resist asking about its origins and meaning – and couldn’t agree more with the lasting impression it leaves behind.

According to Jade, “My name was actually given to me by a friend who was trying to figure out my middle name. She jokingly guessed Purple since my first and last name already happen to be colors. I loved the way Jade Purple Brown sounded, so I decided to use it as my artist name. My name is a clear depiction of my work: colorful, strong, and unique.”

Everyone knows it’s easier to get by with a little help, and one big way Jade Purple Brown does so when it comes to her web presence, and sharing the work she’s proudest of, is with the assistance of Squarespace for her site needs.

“When people view my website, I want them to feel as if they are being transported to my colorful world of art and design. Squarespace allows me to do just that, by having a clean and easy interface that helps me to create a professional and welcoming space for consumers and clients to discover, shop, and connect.”

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