Easy, Breezy, Threezy: Drogo’s Birthday Wish List

08.03.16 | By
Easy, Breezy, Threezy: Drogo’s Birthday Wish List
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Our resident warlord is celebrating his one year adopt-a-versary this week along with his (possible) third birthday! Hooray! Here are Drogo’s top wish list items this year:

Easy, Breezy, Threezy: Drogo's Birthday Wish List

1. Flamingo Plush Toy from Muttropolis 2. West Paw Toppl Toy from Active Dog Toys 3. Pinstripe + Sketch Tee from Penn + Pooch 4. High Contrast Cube Bins from Land of Nod* 5. Dog Treats from Sojos 6. Mexican Blanket with Sherpa Fleece from Rosie Bunny Bean 7. Juice Bow Tie from Zee.Dog

Happy Birthday/Gotcha Day Drogo!

*One of Drogo’s New Years Resolutions was to get more organized! ;)

Capree has a deep love of Victorian-era “fancy lads”, 19th Century anatomy drawings, and tin robots. She loves big, bold colors and big, bold patterns. Oh, and anything well-designed, especially if it’s something she can sit in.