An Eco-Friendly Resort in Idyllic Byron Bay, Australia

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An Eco-Friendly Resort in Idyllic Byron Bay, Australia

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To kick off the new schedule, we thought we’d visit the coastal scenes of Byron Bay since we in the States have officially entered the second half of summer. This eastern most point of Australia is home to diverse wildlife, scenic landscapes, natural lakes and ponds, a littoral rainforest, and the modern Elements of Byron resort designed by leading Brisbane architecture firm, Shane Thompson Architects.




Charged with creating a design plan that connects back to the region on the site’s expansive 50 acres, STA created central facilities and 94 villas that mirrored the landscape. Leisure and conference facilities are located in pavilions that mimic sand dunes. Accommodations refer back to the traditional fibro beach shack design.




One exemplar feature of the resort is its commitment to sustainable design. It has a minimal 10% building footprint and utilizes the environment to minimize maintenance and irrigation demands. The 94 accommodations were sited to preserve existing vegetation while the landscape design saw the introduction of over 65,000 new native trees and plants.


Single-story buildings showcase the incredible surroundings, including the resort’s two kilometers of prime beach frontage.



Shared facilities include the lagoon style pool at the heart of the resort for sun-lounging and water play.



What: Elements of Byron Resort
Where: 144 Bayshore Drive, Byron Bay, New South Wales
How much?: Rooms and villas start at approx. $245 per night
Highlights: Enjoy the idyllic, beach-front vibes of Byron Bay and surround yourself with natural landscapes of Australia.
Design draw: A sustainable, eco-friendly resort that was designed firstly with the environment in mind and secondly for travelers to experience it.
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