Edgewood Made Releases a Collection of Vases Inspired by Vascular Systems

08.12.19 | By
Edgewood Made Releases a Collection of Vases Inspired by Vascular Systems

Tossing typical vase shapes aside, Edgewood Made has created a trio of unique vases that are inspired by vascular systems, like those in trees, plumbing systems, and the human body’s circulatory system. Vase Section comprises three shapes that, just like vascular systems, are made up different tubes and forms that fit together to become a full system. Those tubes, or vessels, and other components of various sizes and shapes, informed the sculptural silhouettes of the handmade vases, which can be displayed separately or together.

While each of the three vases – Section A, Section B, and Section C – have different shapes, they share similar sections that allow them to be arranged together in a row. Additional vases can be added on to create a larger tablescape, if desired. The vases can remain empty or they can be filled with any number of flowers or objects for an entirely new look.

The Vase Section pieces are made from porcelain and finished with a matte exterior and a gloss glaze interior for added functionality. They are available in Ivory White, Charcoal Black, Sage Gray, Woodland, Sky Blue, and Coral.

Edgewood Made Vase Section A

Edgewood Made Vase Section B

Edgewood Made Vase Section C

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