El Equipo Creativo Brings the Beach To the Office With a Sea-Inspired Design

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El Equipo Creativo Brings the Beach To the Office With a Sea-Inspired Design

Barcelona-based design studio El Equipo Creativo was recently tasked by Swedish company Effective Communication to design an office for their young Swedish team, one that would allow the team to work and play, a nod to the company’s work culture. Taking inspiration from the nearby beaches, El Equipo Creativo designed a workplace that reflects the personality of the city of Barcelona: vibrant, energetic and fun!

The studio designed the environment to be fresh and inviting, so that the team can relax, socialize and play in the same spaces where they work. The large call center room, because the nature of its function, utilizes sound insulating elements in the form of an acoustic ceiling, designed to simulate beach towels with bright colors and sailor stripes. Below, the textured blue carpet simulates seawater sweeping up on the beach.

The kitchen, connected to the terrace, was designed for solializing. Here, you can find private corners, group-friendly surfboard tables, table games, pool, and a kiosk bar for Friday parties. The kitchen ceiling, inspired by the outdoors, is covered with acoustic panels in white organic shapes to simulate clouds under a blue sky.

Vibrant colors and beach-inspired furniture aids in creating a casual and playful atmosphere.

In the nearby admin offices, a toned-down approach was taken for a more neutral and luxurious aesthetic.

Photos by Adrià Goula.

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