Essentials by Casetify Ripples With Earthly Tones

Phone cases are just like any fashion accessory, revealing a glimmer about who we are, what we like, and maybe even a bit about our core personalities. Fashionistas often armor their devices within cases intended to complement their wardrobe. The outspoken and expressive are apt to be drawn toward conspicuous cases demanding to be noticed. Sneakerheads tread toward sole-satisfying designs. Dedicated music fans are apt to represent their passions accordingly. But what if your tastes veer toward quiet simplicity with just a tinge of texture? The new Essentials by CASETiFY has you – and your iPhone – covered.

Woman's torso wearing Apple Watch, stone colored crop top, and pants pulling out an Oat Essentials by CASETiFY Ripple case from her pocket while leaning backwards.

An iPhone sheathed within the soft-finish silicone of the Essentials by CASETiFY Ripple Case will not just be protected from everyday accidents, but will be easier to grip, especially with the subtle water drop rippled texture across its back.

Three iPhones on top of one another, each encased within a Essentials by CASETiFY Ripple Case, in Oat, Latte, Cacao colors.

The $62 Essentials by CASETiFY Ripple Case is but one of several new products launched under the same collection banner, with other similarly nature-inspired accessories for Apple AirPods and the Apple Watch.

Arm adorned with Apple Watch reaching toward one of five iPhones, each protected by an Essentials by CASETiFYT Ripple. Color order from left to right: White, Oat, Latte, Cacao, and Black.Case,

The Essentials collection offers iPhone users a soothing to the touch texture with serene and understated colors. The center of the ripple texture design also denotes the case’s MagSafe compatible connection surface.

A case shouldn’t just look good, but also needs to be able to protect an encased device from the inevitable drop and myriad of other mishaps an iPhone may endure with daily use. CASETiFY’s “puffed” bumpers reinforce each of their case’s four corners, upping the durability factor at its most crack-susceptible spots. Furthermore, they’ve added a raised rim around the iPhone camera to keep each of the three iPhone lenses from picking up scratches.

Three iPhones in Essentials by CASETiFYT Ripple staged as if popping out from an oat hued toaster. A plate with bread slices, ramekin of butter, open book with iPhone laid across its open pages, and a coffee cup are set around the toaster.

If you like coffee, then there’s the additional bonus of the CASETiFY Ripple Case’s barista-friendly hue range, one that includes White, Oat, Latte, Cacao, and Black. The rest of the Essentials by CASETiFY collection includes a silicone encased Stone Case for Apple AirPods, a Rope Cross-body Strap for iPhone and Android devices (available in 19 colors), and Bounce Bands for the Apple Watch available in Oat, Black, Sand, and Orange.

Four iPhones on top of one another and fanned out, each encased within a Essentials by CASETiFY Ripple Case, in White, Oat, Latte, Cacao colors.

Layout of six Essentials by CASETiFY Ripple Cases laid across one after another screen side down.

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