A Hybrid Bicycle Built for the Changing Needs of City Dwellers

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A Hybrid Bicycle Built for the Changing Needs of City Dwellers

​HUGE Design, a product design consultancy in San Francisco, teamed up with a local bike builder to create the ultimate utility bike for the 2014 Oregon Manifest bike design competition. The result was EVO Urban Utility Bike, a hybrid bicycle with a modular accessory platform that helps the bike adapt to the user’s needs.

EVO Urban Utility Bike-11

When analyzing the current needs of city dwellers, they realized that the one consistent thing that was missing was, well, consistency. Not only does every biker have different needs, even these needs change throughout the week. It is this inconsistency that inspired them to build the EVO.

EVO Urban Utility Bike-10

The EVO Urban Utility bike combines the robust nature of a mountain bike with the functionality of a city bike to match the different city environments. It has easily detachable cargo accessories that are attached through quick-connect mounts that quickly lock into the frame, or are removed when not needed.

EVO Urban Utility Bike-14

The bike also has an asymmetrical frame that supports holding heavy loads in both the front and back of the bike. That “truss” frame geometry is functional and iconic, while also simplifying the welding and time for production.

EVO Urban Utility Bike-13

EVO Urban Utility Bike-12

EVO Urban Utility Bike-3

EVO Urban Utility Bike also has a front fork lockout, making it easy to lean against the wall when loading and unloading. For safe night riding, it has front and back lighting systems, as well an integrated frame cable lock.

EVO Urban Utility Bike-1

EVO Urban Utility Bike-5

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EVO Urban Utility Bike-2

EVO Urban Utility Bike-4 EVO Urban Utility Bike-6

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