F5: Kelly Reynolds Shares His Favorite Travel Destination + More Tidbits

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F5: Kelly Reynolds Shares His Favorite Travel Destination + More Tidbits

Kelly Reynolds is Principal at Falken Reynolds, a Vancouver-based interior design practice founded by work and life partners Reynolds and Chad Falkenberg in 2010. Centered on private residences and designing with a global view and personal approach, the practice’s authentic, contemporary spaces are shaped by the lives of their clients. Falken Reynolds designs environments with a quiet confidence, a balance of modern and warmth, richness and restraint, sophistication and levity, and intention and surprise. Clean lines, craftsmanship, and considered details are the practice’s hallmarks.

Kelly saw the world as a sailor in the Royal Canadian Navy and as an officer with the Vancouver Police Department, admiring architecture along the way, before he started design school at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Global exploration inspires Falken Reynolds’ work, and the duo spends time in various cities and villages. They research how different cultures influence the way people live. This curiosity of culture guides their client discovery process as well, as they disavow prescription solutions. Their projects are diverse, intimate, and authentic.

Today, Kelly Reynolds joins us for Friday Five!

light-skinned white haired man wearing black pants and a white button down shirt

Kelly Reynolds

bicycle against a wall

1. My Bike

Road Cycling gives my mind time to refresh and still focus on the task – it’s hard to drift off when I’m on the bike. From grinding it out on the way up a mountain (and the exhilaration of racing back down) to the utter exhaustion at the end of a long ride.

man sitting at the base of a large tree

Photo: Chad Falkenberg

2. Travel

Local or international, exploring, I love discovering, meeting the people, and learning the history that makes up different places. My favorite location to date is the Maliau Basin Conservation Area where I completed a multi-day trek in the oldest rainforest on earth.

sheep in field

3. Wool

It’s soft, course, light, heavy, and renewable. And sheep are cute.

lake and mountains

Photo: Chad Falkenberg

4. British Columbia

My home province on the West Coast of Canada, it has varied climates and incredible views. An outdoor paradise, when the weather co-operates, with abundant green energy.

book on white background

Home Farm Cooking by Catherine and John Pawson

5. Cooking

My secret new obsession is beautifully photographed cookbooks. Jane Hornby’s What to Cook and How to Cook It is a staple, and I’m just digging into Catherine and John Pawson’s Home Farm Cooking. I love that I get to use my hands to create something that my partner, friends, and family (soon again) get to enjoy.

Work by Falken Reynolds:

interior space with white ceiling beams and lots of windows

Yaletown Double Loft, Vancouver \\\ Photo: Ema Peter

light and modern kitchen

Van Dusen House \\\ Photo: Ema Peter

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