FAINA Designs Furniture “Made of Dough”

Ukrainian studio FAINA has designed a chair and table called ZTISTA which, in Ukrainian, translates to “made of dough.”

FAINA’s designer Victoria Yakusha used recycled metal, cellulose, wood chips, and clay to make what she calls “organic furniture” using a century-old primitive rolling method informed by artisans in Ukraine.

“Local craft techniques help me to emphasize the importance of connection to our cultural roots. I am trying to create a long-lasting sustainable design that one day in future could be found at home of our descendants as one of the valuable family treasures,” said Yakusha.

Yakusha used recycled steel as a frame and covered it with an ecological primer, then covered the frame with cellulose, linen, clay, wood chips, and straw – all the “ingredients,” as she calls it, were held together by a corn starch-based biopolymer.

Keshia grew up in Singapore and moved to the U.S. to attend Dartmouth College. When she was living abroad after graduation, a chance enrollment at the Architectural Association Visiting School led to her becoming enamored with door schedules and architectural écriture. She's particularly interested in design for aging, rural architecture, and Asian design heritage.