A “Compleatly” New Line of Fashion Accessories by TOMASenWIES

12.11.14 | By
A “Compleatly” New Line of Fashion Accessories by TOMASenWIES

Yes, “compleatly”.


VAAL is a line of fashion accessories by TOMASenWIES that’s inspired by the intricate folds and pleats of traditional Dutch attire.


“Folds, pleats and streaks. Lines, rhythm and layers. A stratification of tradition, an interweaving of the past and the present.”


Whether it’s a pleated skirt or a sharply folded hat, Dutch fashion tends to be characterized by sharp edges and endless folds. Each piece in the VAAL collection is inspired by traditional, folkloric folding and pleating techniques and the tendency to layer garment on garment.


Composed of cane, brass, polyester, tube, and ripstop fabric, the collection features everyday objects with a layered twist. Whether it be layer upon layer of fabric or complex woven parts, the modern accessories give nod to fashion traditions of the past.


Photos by Nana van Dijk.
Styling by Red Suitcase.

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