Feist Forest: Handcrafted Wood Tables Built to Last
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Based out of an old tin tabernacle in the UK, Feist Forest is the brainchild of three designers who focus on creating classic, wooden tables for makers. Rather than spread their resources too thin, Feist Forest hand makes creative yet functional wooden tables that are built to last years.

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They have two different tables, The Ashling and the Samara. The Ashling is made out of home-grown British Ash, with a clean, finished surface and black legs, inspired by the Ash tree’s black buds. Each table comes with a label, telling you exactly which woodland the wood comes from.

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Feist Forest_The Ashling

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Their second table is the Samara, also made from Ash trees. There is a type of winged fruit also named Samara, and the table is light and airy like its namesake.





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