Marine Creature Inspired Lighting by Studio Avni

This ethereal collection of lighting comes from Studio Avni, who also created the Faceted Tactile Light Collection. The series echoes the translucency of oceanic creatures such as sea anemone and jellyfishes. Moreover, the Fin Cloud light series is Studio Avni’s sculptural take on biomorphism and exploration of fin-like modules.

Studio Avni Ocula 2

With bilateral symmetry being the most recognized form found in nature, the collection mimics organic forms. By arranging and replicating different fin modules around the central ‘spine’ of the structure, it’s reminiscent of scaly marine creatures.

Studio Avni Radia 1

Studio Avni Radia 2

Studio Avni Radia 3

Due to the fact that each piece is handmade and arranged, the lighting has a slightly irregular shape. It also draws from origami and is made using different materials including brass, copper, stainless steel, and PVC. Each metal sheet is cut, then linked or stitched together by hand, piece by piece to form the repeating Fin structure.

Studio Avni  Luna 2

Studio Avni  Luna 1

Studio Avni Golden Swirl 1

Studio Avni Golden Swirl 3

Studio Avni Golden Ocula

Studio Avni Ocula 4

Studio Avni Ocula 3

Studio Avni Coral Belle 1

Studio Avni Red Nucifera 1

Photos by Sebastian Zachariah Photographix.

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