Five Favorites

This month’s handful of favorites feature a fun range from auto technology to mind-bending art. A cool selection we just can’t pass up mentioning.

Volkswagen Revival Concept

Industrial designer David Obendorfer designed a TI Revival concept car in honor of the iconic VW van. Rather than remake the 1960’s classic, Obendorfer developed something new combining its beloved design, but featuring new and innovative technology.

Circuit Board Leggings_Poprageous

Can’t get enough cool leggings lately? Try these Circuit Board leggings and lots more fun ideas from Poprageous.

Image from Pentagram

Image from Pentagram

Design doesn’t have to be complicated to have an impact. The simple idea of flipping the American flag upside down communicates the decades of inequality for Black lives in suburbia. Pentagram designed this artwork for the ‘Black Suburbia’ exhibition at the NY Public Library.

Image from Co.Exist

Image from Co.Exist

France, South Korea and the Netherlands have plans for a project that will create 620 miles of energy-generating pavement. These solar-paved roads could provide power for 8% of the population, but will take about five years to complete.

Exiting Empire_Jennifer Nehrbass

What appears to be collage art are in fact beautiful oil paintings by Jennifer Nehrbass with enough dimension to keep you staring for days. via Jealous Curator

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