Five Favorites

Image from Behance

The only thing better than modern architecture is artistic renderings of said architecture. Henrique Foister created a series of bold, colorful posters for The Guardian, addressing the future of commercial buildings.

Head to his site to see the time-lapsed night and day version.

Image from Refinery 29

You’re never too old to live in color!… Just ask Refinery 29—they say so.

Image from Behance

It’s fun to find cool design that’s also available for all… This Kanji font, designed by Pedro Azedo is free for download! Interestingly, this font style was inspired by (and named after) adopted logographic Japanese characters.

Image from Fubiz

There is no shortage of love for the new Netflix hit, Stranger Things. So, naturally artists have been working to work create some pretty cool fan art, like this one above by Serafina Anelli.

Image from Behance

This hand-drawn Adidas logotype, by Jeremy Schiavo, features some incredible detail. It’s also a beautiful example of how a great logo can take on many iterations and still clearly represent its brand.

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