Five Favorites

Want to personalize your home decor?… How about textiles made from your DNA?

Iona Inglesby launched a company called Dot One that converts data from .1% of your DNA into super unique textile patterns. It actually doesn’t get any more personal than that!

Image from Decor8

Image from Decor8

Holly Becker, founder of the design blog Decor8, has released a beautiful new book Decorate for a Party. Both the captivating content and the book’s design are modern and minimal with an element of whimsy.

If you love entertaining and modern design, this is a great book for you. You’ll find lots of DIYs, decorating tips and tons of inspirational interiors.

Poketo_Charcoal Toothbrush

For all of you design lovers out there… why should your bathroom accessories be an exception to your modern home style?! Well, they shouldn’t.

Poketo’s goal in life is to provide you with art for the everyday, like these charcoal toothbrushes.

Ikea_Klippan Glottra cover

No doubt you’ve seen Ikea’s new 2017 catalog… But did you catch this bold new patterned cover for their KLIPPAN sofa?!

Image from Instagram / So Hot Right Nail

Image from Instagram: So Hot Right Nail

Nocturnal paper provided the fun art and So Hot Right Nail executed this cool nail design for fitness evangelist Angela Manuel-Davis. I love the matte look with black lines!

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