Five Favorites

This month it’s all about photography, dream architecture, fun patterns, brilliant illustration and of course… dogs.

Image from Jay Mackie

Photo by Jay Mackie

The best photography actually arouses actual emotion, no matter how simple the subject. That’s what Jay Mackie’s work does… His moody gray-scale photographs are simple, yet impactful.

Image from Fast Company

Whether you use public transportation or not, chances are you’ve noticed the lack of good design when it comes to bus stops.

Well, what if….? Fast Company answered this question for us and this one was my favorite.

Hygge-West_Justina Blakeney

It seems as though creativity is infinite with Justina Blakeney. The good news is, we all benefit from each and every project she touches.

Her newest project is a partnership with Hygge & West, creating a line of wall coverings that will bring your home to life.

Snuggle Bed_Style Tails

If you love your dog you will not try to share this dog bed with them.

The best part is that while it’s offering your dog the ultimate lounge-fest, its stylish appearance won’t interrupt your modern home design.

Image from Behance

It’s often believed that simplicity in design is the best course of action, no matter the type of project. This principle has never been more evident than with these single-line animal illustrations by Differantly Studio.

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