Five Travel Accessories for the Organized Designer’s Bag

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Five Travel Accessories for the Organized Designer’s Bag

Travel enough and you’ll quickly realize overpacking can be more hindrance than help. Yet you never want to find yourself without a tool for getting work done. Seasoned travelers prepare, plan, and equip with the mindset of a backcountry camper: pack everything you need, but pack lightly and compact.

Here’s a selection of the latest tech accessories with a light footprint for both work and play for designers who bring their work everywhere they go:


Bluelounge Kickflip: Imagine the equivalent of a bicycle kickstand for your 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pro, lifting the laptop at a gentle elevated angle for improved ergonomics. That’s the simple idea behind this adhesive add-on accessory.


This Is Ground Designer Mod: A fashionably functional dopp kit for cables, cords, stationery, and phones for securely storing away whatever you carry around within handmade leather. Users can customize it with an assortment of organizational inserts, designed and labeled by profession (using mine makes me feel like a skilled old-timey surgeon or watchmaker).


Mophie memory-flex USB cable: As flexible and small as an Olympic gymnast, the 4″ USB-to-Lightning charging connector eliminates the need to carry around the tangle-fest of longer Lighting charging cables.


Samsung Level Over Wireless Headphones: When faced with a noisy environment – whether in-office or in-transit – nothing comes in as handy as noise-canceling headphones. Samsung’s latest line of portable audio devices include this wireless over-the-ear model, particularly beautiful in the white and caramel leather finish, and equipped with full smart touch-activated controls built into the sides of the headphones.


Native Union Jump: Winner of a 2014 Good Design Award, Hong Kong based Native Union team has done a thoughtful job of creating a compact micro-charging accessory for mobile devices, storing between 2.5-3 hours of additional juice for always power hungry smartphones inside a handsome, tangle-free design.

* Correction: Native Union was incorrectly labeled as a San Francisco based company. Native Union headquarters are in Hong Kong.

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