3D Printed Vase Created Using Object Oriented Design

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3D Printed Vase Created Using Object Oriented Design
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Focusing on Object Oriented Design, Floralia is a 3D-printed vase by Eragatory that’s a balance between functionality, mass customization, and digital aesthetics. Instead of using 3D printing because it’s so “in” right now, Eragatory focuses on exploring what is geometrically possible using 3D printing instead of getting caught up in using the newest machines.

floralia pink eragatory persp (2)

By focusing on object oriented eclecticism, unique, highly differentiated and contradictory concepts and structures form out of computation and formation. By using 3D printing, this design is even more relevant since it’s designed through a series of semi-automated steps. As a result, different variations and colors can be used for the design, therefore offering the ability to customize the vase. The vase is made with a gypsum-based powder that’s held together with an adhesive and simultaneously embedded with an ink jet end. Then, it’s finished with cyanoacrylate (what super glue is made of) to make sure it’s durable and also gives it more vivid colors.

floralia pink eragatory persp (3)

floralia pink eragatory closeup (2)

floralia pink eragatory closeup (1)

floralia eragatory closeup (2)

floralia blue eragatory persp (4)

Floralia is available for purchase here.

Photos by Isaie Bloch.

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