Folding Screens and Tapparelle from Cole Italian Design Label

04.04.13 | By
Folding Screens and Tapparelle from Cole Italian Design Label

In Milan this month, Colé Italian design label will show two new folding screens signed by Catharina Lorenz and Steffen Kaz and new variations on the collection Tapparelle, designed by Emmanuel Gallina.


Opto (folding screen) Lorenz+Kazz: Bauhaus inspired, the Opto screen has some irregular geometry going on.





Telo (folding screen) Lorenz+Kaz: A simple and light wood structure acts as a backbone to an object with multiple facets. You can choose from various fabrics from technical raffia inspired by the 50s to the optical 70s, or casual denim, or even colorful matryoshka dolls.


Tapparelle (sideboard) Emmanuel Gallina: This seems to have some nice lines but also love the flip-top design.


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