FOODOGRAPHY: A Food Photography Workshop by Carmel Winery

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FOODOGRAPHY: A Food Photography Workshop by Carmel Winery

Put an appetizing plate of food in front of someone and there’s a good chance even before reaching for their fork, spoon, or chopsticks, they’ll pull out their phone to capture the moment before the first bite. Love it or hate it, documenting our meals have gone from “a thing” to a customary habit.


Instead of fighting this impulse, Israel’s Carmel Winery decided to embrace the process wholeheartedly. Working with advertising agency Baumann Ber Rivnay, Carmel Winery pulled in the culinary skills of Chef Meir Adoni to work with the photographic acumen of food photographer, Dan Peretz. The third talent called in was ceramic design artist Adi Nissani, whose plate ware was designed specifically for the project. Together the dining experience hosted by Adoni’s restaurant, Catit in Tel Aviv was presented as FOODOGRAPHY.

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During FOODOGRAPHY – part meal, part workshop – diners aren’t just invited to eat, but also partake in a special photography hands-on class delivered by Dan Peretz throughout each course. Presented on plates and dishes designed to accentuate the food and optimize the plating for mobile photography, diners learn how to create the best food photos using their smartphones. It would undoubtedly be a meal where nobody would be annoyed that everyone has their phones out before and during the meal!


“I am excited to take part in a project which is a first of its kind and offers an unbelievably rich multi-sensory experience. In recent years, food photography has become part of the dining experience, it is a social phenomenon that has changed the culinary world. By collaborating with Adi Nissani who created the dishes which are truly innovative and Dan Peretz the leading Israeli food photographer, we promise to provide diners with an unforgettable evening.”



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