FORM Camper for Tesla Cybertruck Angles for the Future of Glamping

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FORM Camper for Tesla Cybertruck Angles for the Future of Glamping

When the wedge shaped Tesla Cybertruck rolled onto stage two years ago, the all-electric vehicle arguably reset the public’s perception of the pickup truck. Its complete embrace of pure angularity was unlike any automotive design currently on the road; realized with an extremely durable exoskeleton built from “ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless steel” the Cybertruck was imagined as the ultimate expression of go-anywhere (and very quickly) durability. Thanks to FORM, Cybertruck owners may soon have the option accessorize their electric adventure vehicle with the ultimate add-on accessory, transforming their truck bed into solar-powered glamping solution.

The FORM Camper is actually not a Tesla Cybertruck-only solution and will be made available to fit onto other existing truck models (compatible with all standard truck beds, from 5.8ft, 6.5ft, and 8ft). But like computer peripherals designed for a Mac that still work with PCs, the sleek carbon fiber angularity makes it clear the design team at FORM imagined their basecamp solution ideally hauled on the back of the Cybertruck.

Contained within a sizable box container, the aluminum honeycomb construction of the FORM Camper expands to reveal a surprisingly spacious and fully decked out 71 square feet of interior space, including a pair of nylon-ripstop awnings that extend from each side creating usable shaded indoor/outdoor spaces. FORM says the camper will only require around 5 minutes to setup and also operates as a free-standing design.

  • Dry weight of approximately 1,000-lbs and 1,300-lbs of wet weight
  • 50 gallons of fresh water storage capacity. 100 gallons of usage capacity with reverse osmosis filtration
  • 50 gallons of grey water storage capacity
  • 12V 300Ah deep cycle lithium ion battery (solar energy will power battery for non-electric trucks)
  • 37.5 cubic feet of storage space (25 cubic feet of storage space underneath the bed, 12.5 cubic feet of kitchen storage)
  • 71 square feet of floor space (33 square feet at floor level, 38 square feet at truck bed level)
  • 2 ripstop nylon awnings with 124 square feet of total dry space (62 square feet on each side)
  • Slide out kitchen cooktop and sink with fridge/freezer

In sum, roughing it doesn’t seem quite so rough under the premise and promise of FORM’s micro-home camper concept, especially when aided by its roof-mounted 400-watt solar panel system which should be more than sufficient in powering a variety of devices and appliances while adventuring across the backcountry.

The FORM Camper is still in a preliminary state with specs yet to be finalized. A prototype is projected to be announced by the second quarter of 2022, but considering the retail price of the camper accessory is estimated around $69,500, it may be a novel sighting on the trails and campgrounds considering the Tesla Cybertruck itself starts around $39,900.

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