Forma Italia
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For those who aspire to the highest standard of living (don’t we all?), Forma Italia has created a stunning furniture line for pets. Each piece is designed and manufactured in Italy with high quality materials and with the health, safety, and comfort of your pet in mind.

Forma Italia’s mission is to “offer those who live with pets exclusive products which combine the highest made-in-Italy standards with the most refined design culture.” They also aspire to become the symbol for a new clean, stylish, and pleasurable way of living together with pets. Going through their product catalog, I would have to say, they have certainly accomplished all of those things.

What I love most is that all of their pieces are customizable to meet the needs of all dogs. Too often, big dogs don’t get to enjoy these types of high design furniture pieces. I also think Forma Italia’s commitment to donating part of their profits to organizations like UNICEF and OIPA is admirable. To get information on pricing, visit Forma Italia’s quote page here.